Event David Whyte (video performance)

Robust Vulnerability

The Essence of Courageous Conversations

September 12th Amsterdam 12.00h (including lunch) – 17.00h

We invite you to this day to:

  • gain a more effective and efficient life and way of working through a mindful awareness and the power of conversation.
  • get more insights into the steps to open up courageous conversations.
  • meet people who desire unchartered territories and are prepared to make radical changes.

The past 12 years we have organized events with David Whyte, offering a intens and inspiring day to many. His unique blend of poetry and stories together with his profound attention of the human psyche and his wisdom arising from his working with thousand of individuals and organization around the world, are the source for an inspring event.

His popularity is growing and unfortunately that does not make it possible to come to Holland this year. So instead we offer the opportunity in the form a a video presentation. The organizers will guide you though a 3 hour video an event in 2013. We hope to welcome you and we will do all to make this event valuable for those you enable and desire radical change.

More about  David Whyte .


Wibo Koole & Walter Walter Berghoef