Event 10th June David Whyte


The Principles of Conversational Leadership

Making the Invitation                       

The Essence of Courageous Conversations

individually, as a team and as an organization

A morning with poet David Whyte exploring your power to invite others and to respond to life’s invitations and challenges for meaningful work.

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“Join us for a morning in Amsterdam looking at the essential abiding dynamics involved when human beings try to make the conversation more real: with others, with their world and with themselves.

One of the abiding dynamics of making our way, whether it is in the intimacy of our personal lives or in positions of responsibility, is the necessity for visibility: the willingness to step into the clear air of commitment and articulation and from that place invite others to join us, to help us or to enlighten us.

We commit to others and to a direction we wish to take most effectively through making three invitations: firstly, by identifying the horizon to which we wish to go, secondly, by articulating the ground on which we now stand and lastly, by asking others and all the visible and invisible elements of the world to join us in the endeavor of getting from here to there.

This morning will look at the milestones and adventures that occur along the way when we make a real invitation – to ourselves, to others and to the future, to come together in one emboldening conversation.”   David Whyte


Organizing these events over the last years I (Walter Berghoef) believe that out of this session you can:

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the power of courageous conversations in all areas of life in general and in the workplace specifically.
  • Remind yourself that we live within a dynamic of invitation: inviting others and being invited by others, as well as the situations we are faced with.
  • Tap into an inner voice that invites and responds to invitations.
  • Understand the role you have as colleague, partner and leader in providing an invitational environment.
  • Through poetry and story, become more aware of our own inner language and imagery

David Whyte speaks to the human condition: to the challenges individuals in organizations face today regardless of their role. Through his unique blend of poetry, humor and his stories, David touches the individual power of conversation in everyday life. More on David.

This event is  “must attend” for those who want to take a next step, themselves in initiating action and inviting others to create meaningful impact.    click to register

9.30 – 13.00 hours, at Felix Meritis at Keizersgracht 324 in the heart of Amsterdam.

We work with individual tickets of € 125,-per person.
Once ordered these are not refundable, yet transferable to another person.


You are invited! Are you coming?

Listen to some of his talks.                                                We look forward to welcoming you!

The Foundations of Conversational Leadership

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